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Ultra Midnight Camera Series

Made in the U.S.A.


We have installed 1000's of these Midnight Series Cameras throughout the TN/KY Area since May 2009. Many are still in use today, especially if client hasn't upgraded to HD!

Below is a copy of an ad which has run in several leading security industry magazines.

"The Stage on Broadway" was the first end user to have any of these Midnight Cameras installed anywhere in the world!

These Midnight Series Cameras are now their cameras of choice!

"These Midnight Cameras are Rock Solid!"

ULTRA Midnight Camera - "Old 2009 Tech"

Super Hi-Res Ultra Low Light Analog Camera


What did "The Stage on Broadway" think of this new camera?

We installed this camera on the clients system back in 2009, for them to try it out. They were the first in the country to deploy these cameras. We we asked the client if they had checked out their new Midnight Camera, they had not. So we went to the DVR to look at the previous day recordings. Both the owner and son agreed that the camera preformed very well.  Owner said, "Lets look at a night shot." Son says, "Dad, this is at 1am!" Both then said Wow what a camera, best we've seen yet.

Since we installed the first Midnight Series Camera for "The Stage" back in 2009, we have installed 1000's of these cameras for many clients needing a Great Low Light Color Camera options.