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 Alarm Systems & VoIP Phone Lines

( VoIP = VOICE over Internet Protocol )

So you are thinking of or already have switched to a VoIP Phone Line Service.

Below you will find some helpful information on this subject.  If you read the fine print on a VoIP document, it states that alarm systems and fax machines may not work correctly with VoIP services.

VoIP is just unreliable for data, which is what Alarm Systems & Fax Machines send, not voice.

What is VoIP and how does it work?

This is an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol. Simply put, the VoIP of your choice provides you with a converter box that you install onto your Broadband (Highspeed) Internet Connection. This converter box changes the analog telephone devices in your home or business into a digital signal and broadcasts it across the Internet. Somewhere on the opposite end of the Internet another converter box changes it back from digital to analog and completes the connection to whoever you dialed.

How does the digital converter box affect Analog Data Communications? (Alarms, Fax Machines)

This is not a simple answer. However, during the signal conversion process of analog to digital and digital back to analog signal, can cause noise, data loss or incorrect conversions. This is dependent on the usage of the Local Network that your converter box is attached to, your Internet Service Provider, the Regional Internet Provider, the local Internet Provider on the far end and the Local Network of the far end converter. Any little glitch in any of these areas can cause some of these issues, not to mention a loss of power which shuts the connection down.

My Alarm System & VoIP

Will my alarm system communicate thru VoIP?


Due to the unreliability of the VoIP system in sending data, your system may communicate now but maybe not next time you need it and again it may communicate the time after that. ALSO, for your alarm to possibly communincate over VoIP, we have to switch to a SLOWER Communications  Format from your Alarm System which takes more time to get the Monitoring Station thus making a LONGER Response Time to your needs.

Keep in mind VoIP is for VOICE, not Data Communications.

How can my system communicate now that I have VoIP?

Good Question! You have several options.

Of course each requires some sort of upgrade &/or charges but these are reliable forms of communications which are recognized by the NBFAA / ESX (National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association) and your Monitoring Station.

1st - Dual Path IP Communicator With 3g/4g Cellular Communicator This is an option that many of our clients have had installed. Yes it's a little more costly but it's a way to make sure your alarm signal gets thru!

2nd - 3g/4g Cellular Communicator - This is a device that allows the alarm to communicate to the Monitoring Station thru the Cellular Network in your area. It has battery backup that is charged by your alarm system. (Note, Cellular companies use backup generators in case of a power failure insuring your call gets thru) This device sends full communications as if connected to a POTS Line (Plain Old Telephone Service). There is a slight FLAT additional monthly cost for "air-time" on this device.

3rd - IP Communicator - This is a device that allows the alarm to communicate to the Monitoring Station thru the Internet using Standard Internet Protocol. You have to have a Broadband Internet Connection, Router and Battery Backup on your Modem & Router. This is a supervised device and your keypad will alert you if your IP connection is off-line for some reason. There maybe Additional Costs on your monthly monitoring fees for this device to be used.

Cellular 2G Sunset

The Cellular 2G Sunset is coming! No later than 12/31/2016

We no longer install or re-activate any 2G Devices. All new installs will have a 3G/4G device where permitted by cellular signal strength.

Please see this info provided by one of our cellular partners.

Click this link --- 2G Sunset via TelGuard