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Testing Your Alarm System

When Millennium installed or took over your system, the tech tested the system to the central station in this similar manner. The alarm system  manufacturer suggests that you test your system weekly. We require you, per your agreement, to test it monthly and to test it if any changes are made to the communications system or to the premises during construction/remodeling.

First - Always place your account in TEST MODE before doing any tests or battery changes. To do this, call our office or your central station or login to the website link.

The Central Station Operators are on site 24/7 to assist you.

Second - Arm your system. Wait for exit delay to expire, if your system has one, then open your entry door. Wait for delay to expire and siren will sound, then trigger all devices (doors, windows, glass breaks, etc) until all devices have been tripped. Turn off your alarm. Close all devices so as to get your Green Ready Light, then Arm and Disarm your system.

Third -  Call the central station back or login into the website link to verify they did receive your test signals and remove your account from test.

It's that simple!

If you have any problems, please notify us immediately!!!