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Tennessee Alarm Contractors License TN C - 0828  With Classifications in CCTV & Burglary

High Quality Alarm Systems

All With 3G Cellular Units* Cut your Landline!

Our Techs have installed products from DSC, a major North American Alarm System Manufacturer, for more than 20 years now!  So, you can be confident that our systems are of high quality to last for many years and also for the ease of use as the systems of today work in the same manner as our earlier versions alarm systems.

"IMPASSA" Wire-less Self Contained System

Base System only needs 1 wire!   A single Low Voltage Power Line

Communications available via 3G Cellular, Internet & Copper Landline

Our Hybrid Hardwired & Wireless System


Hybrid ALPHA LCD Keypad & 8 Zone CPU

Expands up to 128 Zones

Expands up to 8 Keypads (Touchscreen or Full Alpha)

Expands up to 16 Keyfobs

Communications available via 3G Cellular, Internet & Copper Landline

Home Automation / Control

Secure Remote Control provided thru


Introducing a whole new level of safety and security

for the things that matter most in life

Whether home or away, at the desk or on the go, our interactive home control services makes it simple to monitor property, keep loved ones safe, and stay connected to home and family from anywhere.



You can control your Alarm System,  Lamps, Heat/Air Systems, Cameras, Garage Overhead Doors and Door Locks

You can also receive Text/Email Alerts @ Just Alarm System Control is $2.00 per month or Full Home Control is $12.00 per month

* Note - All systems installed will have a 3G Cellular Unit unless location doe not have 3G Cellular Signal available. Use of Real Copper Landlines can be used as a "backup" or secondary connection. VoIP is not a good form of communication.