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Tennessee Alarm Contractors License TN C - 0828  With Classifications in CCTV & Burglary

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Some of our CCTV vendors are GeoVision, UniView Tech, Turing Video & Speco




Video surveillance and recording is a critical component of a complete security system for your home or business. But not any system will do. Previous generation cameras and recorders and box store systems often deliver sub-par images, poor recording capabilities and a limited range of vision. They may work in some situations, but they rarely offer the quality, flexibility and user friendliness that Millennium Security Services seeks to provide. That’s why we’ve partnered with a leading manufacturer of digital video cameras and recorders. Equipment available from us is genuinely state-of-the-art, with the features and ease-of-use that home owners and business owners expect from an industry leader.  And the best part, the Product is produced right here in the USA!

Gone are the grainy images that you used to expect from surveillance video cassette recorders. In its place are crisp, high-quality images in true digital format. And that digital format is key to all of the features that our DVR & NVR units offer, things like multiple video and audio recording, super-high resolutions, massive storage capacities and easy transfer to home computers and disk drives.

Our systems are viewable via PC, MAC, Cell Phones, Smart Phones and iPhones & Androids.

Today's cameras are all UHD (4MP+) IP Cameras. In some cases we can re-use existing coax systems and install HD-Over-Coax cameras up to 4MP. No need to re-cable.

We offer out right Sales of our systems


Lease / Purchase options from 1 to 5 years for Commercial Clients

Lease/Purchase optional Camera & NVR warranty for life of the lease, You can roll any of the equipment we provide into the lease to make it easy on the pocket book.

Our company has handled many projects with 100+ Cameras on a single job site

View your multiple locations over the internet on 1 screen

iPhone & Android Access


Tennessee Alarm Contractors License TN C - 0828  With Classifications in CCTV & Burglary