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 How to change the time/date on your keypad

If your system was install after 1/1/2019, your system automatically pulls the time & date data from the cellular towers. No need to manually set the clock.

If your system was installed after 1/1/2007 it should automatically change the time in the spring and fall. Or if a complete power failure has occurred for some reason, you will need to reset the info.

If your keypad looks like any of the following styles, follow the instructions below.



From your Keypad

Press * 6

Enter your MASTER CODE ( ie; 1234 )

Press 1

Enter the TIME in Military Time ( ie; 1PM = 1300 )

Enter the date ( ie; 12/31/2015 = 123115 )

Press # # #

Wait about 30 - 45 seconds and it should now be correct